No Holds Bar

This degenerate generation

is an accumulation of aberrations

aggregated since our aggravation of grace

as we acclaim acclamation

to sin with adoration.

We continue crude legacies

of brood vipers who siphoned life

from those with leprosy

to puff up their pedigree

with pedantry by neglecting clemency.

I pull out poetic cyphers

to decipher the scriptures

cause I’m rapping for souls

in wrapping your souls

with a mixture

of Spirit inspired pictures.

I’ve found how proudly

we profane the profound

when we renounce

the foundations of Christ’s ground.

His body bought you

with blood, sweat and tears

and all we’ve brought him

is love drenched in fears.

We scrupulously build our bodies

and bank accounts,

to abound with bodies

without a soul’s sound.

Many confound Christ and Christianity

when they denounce the devout.

The sound of rejecting Jesus is tantamount

to a spiritual blackout.

It astounds me to hear rappers propose

to promote positivity

when they compose prose

that positively oppose

righteousness’s proclivity.

Your vulgar vernacular

is confused corruption

beyond the Latin vulgate

and validates the vices of vile voices

you vexingly vilify.

If you want to change lives

changes lines

but your lies give you chains

that’s chained you from making a change.

Who is going to uphold

the dignity of women

without in the same breath denoting

them as hoes?

Who’s gonna devote

to destroying drug addiction

without demotion of their words

as they stay surrounded by smoke.

Or who will oppose

violence without simultaneously

asking who wants this smoke?

Sin has singed our souls

since God cringed at its conception.

But the concept that we’re more fallen

than Adam is common

of minds falling

for the flawless

deception of sin

that’s hidden its history of lawlessness.

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