Rap needs this Rapper

My knee jerk reaction to turn up music, is that we need someone to knead out the worthless dough that claims doe plays the life bread role for a life’s roll, and says if your bankroll isn’t big enough to roll in, then your life’s not full.  But why doesn’t anyone pull against that ?? I haven’t heard any rap song raise up some aspect of life that’s fun, without talking about cum or a substance that alters your mental substance. Because their stance is if you decide to stand sober, then they can’t stand to spend nighttime time in your life, because your wasting time not being under the influence, which is the influence and message of every song that’s a hit.  But people don’t see the fluidity of these songs’ influenza that’s embedded in their simply elementary lyrics and flows that flow into a soul and distorts our pathos.  So we think enjoyment comes from pesos, as it dissents a shallowness of life onto a decent person until their descent to no longer having any depth. I’m saying we need rap music to sense this disturbing scent and send out lyrics that says life can be stimulating without the sensation of stimulating your sense agents, because those who live life as sense agents, sense other agents of life that have been around since the ancients.  Like seeing the beauty in nature and the physical world instead of just the physical girl, and it’s silly no one raps about being silly with your friends when that’s really where so much joy spills out from.  However, they would rather choose to use explosive explicit expletives to explain we only exist to look fly like planes, but the plain truth is their appreciation of life is flatter than the plains, because they only live for the artificial.  One person could change everything if their art was official and imported important truths that were beneficial by putting their initials next to a story whose initial and continual goal is making uplifting music that lifts up laughter and deep convos.  And this combo, with a creative creation would introduce a new creature to hip hop.  One who contained a catchy beat, with bars that beat with ingenious lyrics speaking clearly.  And you hear the song praising the joy of friends and laughter, and after it ends, you tend to listen to it again because it was compelled to be compiled with the whit of someone who knows how to put those ideas into a hit.

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