Sin has Power

Hearing death is defeated, and sin has no control sometimes sounds like a feat not wholly completed.  Everyday I feel defeated and beaten down by the constant role sin plays in my life as I roll in my bed tossing and turning about how I’ve let sin infect my soul.  I’m baffled that even though Jesus has won the battle with sin, and has released me from the handle it has on my life, I can’t help but notice the constant hassle it is too me.  I still feel like I’m cattle shackled to serving in sins castle instead of the Lord’s chapel, and I don’t mean too say that saying “with Christ we can overcome sin” is just babble.  That really is accurate, but I think there’s an accident caused by Christians when we don’t accurately elaborate on how hazardous and easy it is too let sin saturate and infatuate your life, to where you exaggerate it’s power to where it eradicates your will to fight it.  Sin won’t be conquered by accident, but by action from an activist that has access to the Lord’s excess of assets.  This may make some feel awkward, but sin is a powerful monster, and I would never offer any dishonor to the power of God but please just ponder that, even though Jesus is clearly stronger, for sin to be conquered, he had to become human and wander the earth then be slaughtered on the cross and resurrected so we could be sons and daughters of the father.  So the idea I want to father is that if we holler to God to bring the holy spirit into our lives, and we give our lives up to Jesus at the alter so he can alter us, then we can have victory over sin.  Unfortunately, we won’t do it without falter, because our faults are like faulty faults just waiting for sin to shift their rift because sin will always try too halter our experience of the Lord.  And even with Jesus, sin is a stalker that’s harder to evade and avoid in a void than people like to offer as proper.

One thought on “Sin has Power

  1. Rell,
    I appreciate your honesty and willingness to be vulnerable. Your commentary on sin is quite insightful, and I think a powerful one. I especially loved your line, “Sin won’t be conquered by accident, but by action from an activist that has access to the Lord’s excess of assets.” Great wordplay and call to action!

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