Keep Hope and Take Action

What’s wrong wit the world right?  It’s like everyone’s been whirled right into a swirl and their disoriented morality makes God hurl, and you don’t need to have a faith to see morals being hurled.  You’ve heard of Isis blowing up people by the herd and all the hurt they’ve caused from putting a person in a hearse ,and no doubt you know about human trafficking.  How they herd humans like objects, and object them to inhumane acts of work and sex that make them feel inhuman, because ideas and drugs are put in these humans to tear away their humanity and all these acts originate in the heart and mind of a human.  Then they go and defile our fellow human and I think I’ve proven that our world is a unit in ruin, and I didn’t even get into how money is consuming this earth or the confusion caused from media’s conclusion of illusions.  And assuming these issues are gloomy, it’s easy to see why people give up on mankind because a kind man is hard to find, which isn’t fine like a fine.  But we kind of accept the only kind of man there is, is the selfish kind and we don’t mind that our minds are programmed to think everything is mine and everyone has a heart of coal like a mine and technology has made people go silent like a mime.  However, if we see the globe as without hope of being fixed then we enter a slippery slope where progress will slow to where it’s not even in scope.  Then we reach a place where no one can cope and the issues get so bad that earth reaches the end of it’s rope.  Then everyone has idols like Israel and their bull of tin, and everyone thinks their bull is ten times worse than the bull everyone else is in, not realizing that not following God is like putting the bullets in the gun that keeps shooting them.  It’s time I begin posting up a bulletin that’s calling for soldiers who are either young or older, because there’s no age you need to be over, but you just need to realize everything isn’t kosher.  You need to feel that in order to move closer to closure, you need to help improve this giant boulder, because I believe even one loner can change the world with the proper exposure.  Moreover, if they can keep their composure they can influence followers to engage in their rampage of rearranging the cultural climate into a more meaningful way.  Just think of the possible change, if thousands wouldn’t “X” out change, and exchanged their view of “no one can improve this age”, to the view that states I’m now at the age where I need to no longer complain and come play the game of improving this world’s domain, because if not you then who?

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