And You Think You’re the Best Rapper

I’ve heard way too many claim to be the best rapper breathing, since they think they’re spitting like they’re teething and breathing fire on tracks while they got heat on them that will make you stop breathing.  And they’ve used it so many times they don’t hesitate a breath as they watch you take your last breath and put you to death.  Honestly that’s starting to sound dead, and I’m not gonna claim that I’m deaf too the explicit rappers because I be bumping their music out on my deck but what I’m saying is rap needs to get some more depth.  It’s so shallow, that if you got a girl who will swallow, a gun that brings sorrow, with some money and gold chains that follow, then you can claim your rhymes should be considered hallow.  Even though the music is hollow and the furthest thing from a halo, as it treats people to be ice like hail, and to hail to a lifestyle that keeps you in a constant haze.  I just wish more people would appreciate the music that challenges you too gaze into yourself and quit the daily graze of that grass that puts you in a daze as you waste away your days.  Just imagine if the best rappers changed their ways in a way to affect that girl who lays down too soak up some rays, so when she raises up, she just listened too some of most clever artist raise her up, because they are rapping too build and heal instead of who they’ve killed with steel.  I just can fathom what we could fasten too our culture if we stopped taking about fashion and more on how to fatten the soul by giving food to those who live in famine and only have a fraction of enough and have too ration.  And we don’t understand God has a patent on every soul and we should have a passion too respect our Lord’s property, but this world is falling down a deep chasm because it’s so causal to rap about how you casually cause casualties and I caution you too not follow what the world says is common because many people’s conscience sleeps more than a possum.

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