Why doesn’t life feel short?

Daily, we are reminded that life is short but that statement sort of losses it’s impact when reality doesn’t seem as evidence of support.  The weekdays pass by agonizingly slow, and after I’ve passed by my front door each morning, I look back to the past weekend as I realize it’s only Tuesday, and that I already want this week to end.  So hearing that life goes by fast makes me think that statement doesn’t pass the test of reality.  Especially once I imagine how slow life will go once I’m working 9-5 for 40 years, getting paid a wage that’s barely enough to keep me from wanting to wage a war against my mundane Mondays, but seeing people maintain a life more shallow than a membrane is my inspiration for these verses.  Enjoyment of life is never a battle of society verse us but really just you versus yourself, and whether you’ll get caught in the gridlock of being a square and fall into the world’s grid that locks you into playing it safe, as you abandon your passion.  This makes life pass on slower than you could imagine, but imagine if you took action to experience the fullness of life and not just a fraction, and when life is enjoyable, you see where the truth in the brevity of life happens, as it starts flashing by.  But I must iterate that, I rate way to many people as being settlers and it makes me irate that they are living life by the eye rate, where they rate being happy with their life appearing as appeasing.  If you’ve ever seen this scene you’ll see that trying to seize the illusion of serene doesn’t even compare to a life so full of passion it seems to be busting at the seams.  You need to figure out that having expensive matter isn’t the thing that matters, because then objects become your master as they claim to have master peace, since people see objects as life’s masterpiece, until you realize how they mask her peace, each time they mask her piece of herself that held her ambition, because people have this fascination with cheap fun and laughs, that are more of an abomination than a bombing nation, bombing a nation that doesn’t even have a defense station.  So reducing our time on earth to just maximum exposure to fun or to some daily routine, is such a rude thing that burns the idea of life having meaning with kerosene.  As you can see, life is much more than fun and how many times you can ejaculate, because you demasculate men when you hold sex to be immaculate.  Instead, work to inoculate our soul, so we see our sole creator put in us this tendency to live with tenacity and curiosity, because when we’re living vivaciously we notice the riddle of life is that life is riddled with opportunities to take chances.  So, if we want to live to the fullest where we experience God’s full list, we have to understand we don’t have to guess at what chances to take, because the truth is our own life is God’s show and we are just a guest, so figure out and follow your passions because Jesus wants to use you in those areas in ways far bigger than you’ve ever guessed

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