How He Loves Us

One thing I need to speak on that needs to be leaked too the general public is that God’s love never peaks. If you are feeling weak this week then take a peek in the bible, and if you look at revelations you might tweak, but don’t trip because everyone has a streak of sin and reeks of unworthiness in front of our father God. So don’t become bleak, because Jesus our Lord loves you more than you can think.  He would never critique you of your physique and he doesn’t care if you’re a geek.  It’s clear he doesn’t see anyone as a freak, because if you seek him you’ll start to understand how He thinks every human is so unique and should be treated like the most valuable antique.  I hope you have peeped what I’ve said, because if there’s one thing you to keep in mind and not sleep on is how deep God loves each and every person.  His love is perfect and unfathomable and this incredible God of ours just wants to be loved by you so he can make his love applicable too your life, because for Him seeing his children spend eternity away from him is almost unbearable.

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