Reading the Bible

It’s crazy how many Christians have never read the bible.  That’s why so many people’s faith remain idle and fall into worshiping an idol as if we are tribal, because they don’t realize that an idol is just anything you put above God. Unfortunately, the world is caught in this exact cycle, causing the Christian faith to go in a downward spiral because our Lord’s rival is using the world too put Christians’ lifestyles on trial.  So we need to get rid of our denial, and admit to our sin and look too God’s word on how we can be a disciple and not liable to the faith.  But be a vital part in the revival and survival of the truth that when you trust Jesus nothing can be bridle to you when preparing the bridal ceremony for when God will marry the church in holy matrimony, which is the bible’s testimony.  We first need to learn our territory and see how through out the whole bible the Lord is in perfect remedy.  We must not get deceived by the enemy and understand that our holy book is worth more than anyone can give, but God gives it to us for free like charity, and these things should ease your soul like the perfect melody.

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