JOY over happiness

You just want to be happy? Why does half of me feel like that’s half the story? Sorry if I’m being upfront, but when happiness gets to be up in front in our life, we see how it’s unfaithful, and uses it’s craftiness to slip through even the craftiest of hands.  It exits leaving a cavernous hole in our expectations, after its ravenous nature ravishes our hopes of a sustainable feeling of contentment and leaves us abandoned, searching to make its unattainable short term feelings, our long term fillings that fill our whole lives.  Happiness has a shallowness that shall hollow this heart of yours to where reality is no longer in your life picture, because you’ve framed this picture perfect life that is the perfect picture of how to live, and anything besides that is a disappointment.   So I’ve banned this bandit from being able to band itself to my life because I’ve banded together with joy. Joy is the reason I feel I should pen all these plenty penalties that arise from the penalty of seeking happiness over the specialties of Joy’s amenities.  Only joy, not happiness, helps you overcome the moments when evil seizes your beautiful life with ceaseless torture as every good thing ceases to exist and your life gets thrown into a seizure where all positivity is shaken out until you’re naked and bare, and can barely bear to continue to fight this bear that loves to rip and tear you apart.  Joy is what remains when the main mains in your life bursts and you feel like your flooding.  It’s the maintenance that maintains the brain and heart during hard times within an insane domain.  When you’re looking, joy reveals the large value in the little things that will revive a dead life to become alive.  Joy’s paradigm shows that there’s more to life than chasing a pair of dimes or keeping yourself preoccupied just to pass time, because appreciation and contentment will become your pastime.  I know we’ve all passed times of opportunity to find joy in crap times, so if you want joy that never ends then you need to be connected to the one who never ends and has love that lasts until the end.

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