Power of Relationships

I love people.  Giving a person a peep hole into my soul so they can peep the whole of who I am from head to toe is a feeling everyone should know.  There’s a liberation that comes from not putting a limitation on the library of information that shows your definition like a dictionary.  It can feel scary and not customary to be vulnerable, especially when being open is portrayed as ancillary and a corollary to being hurt. So people use all these arbitrary reasons to view others as adversaries and live a cautionary life until the cemetery.  But a solitary life is not solid.  On the contrary, this commentary is aimed to show solitude makes you feel like every moment is inside a mortuary, and it’s the momentary moments with people that gives life value beyond anything monetary.  So don’t let fear be a dictator and dictate whether you give someone the true you.  Because being afraid will turn a life frayed after a raid has went through and stole all the joy from potential relationships that are essential to enjoyment.  I know getting taken advantage of makes it hard to trust, but trust that someone returning your vulnerability with an equal vantage on their life is a feeling beyond enchanted, and it should be chanted that that’s what a real relationship is like.   When people really think about what they enjoy about their life, it’s human beings that are being the enjoyment that bring them to continue being, not their work or house or clothes or cars or any other physical thing.  So take a chance and open up, because that’s when blessings will open up and show you that real life is lived in the open.

One thought on “Power of Relationships

  1. Kyrell, this is so great!! Becky and I were just talking about how much we love your style of writing. Hoping we get to see you speak words on Friday!


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