Clear the Religious Air

His approval

should move you

to prove you

choose to lose you to renewal.

An unusual removal

of walking by your pupils

to be his pupil.

But we pool into stalling

cause it’s appalling

to see an apostle’s apology

of apostasy,

just an apostrophe

joining autonomy and autocracy.

So your theology probably

won’t see the problem of theodicy

was answered with Christ’s theophony.

The oddity is often

we soften the awesome things

to common monotony.

In monitoring whats monetary

we’ve sold our monastery for the mortuary.

Death hurries

to our clergy in a flurry.

They stay thirsty

for a curvy curtsy

and covertly scurry

in this scurvy controversy.

You say you grown

as you grow prone to adultery

through your phone.

Pull that poultry from your home

or fear will cook you like chicken

in Hell’s kitchen.

For God’s mission

has given the living

a spirit risen from prison.

Listen! It’s written

he’s finished our villains

and fixed our vision

from victim to victor.

Vicar should be our picture

over smitten to the whispers

of this wicked trickster.

The liquor of his lies inebriates,

and leaves us in need of faith.

But we choose to intoxicate

off this liquid,

addicted to the sickness

of his system

we afflict the afflicted

and acquit the wicked.

I’ve just depicted

the graphic dynamics

of the powerful in their hammocks of havoc

having the famished static

in economic panic.

Pan the span

of Hispanic’s pandemic

with parents paralyzed in ashes

praying God knows Spanish.

Maybe the clashes of classes

with the tragic,

traffics homies in the hood to vanish

and sleep on parenting like xanax.

Naa we can’t choose

to excuse these fools

who abuse responsibility’s cues.

They cruise through booze

with the crew

and bruise family virtues.

Just peruse their pursuit

to consume the youth in a victim costume.

They accuse others for how they screwed

the pooch and pollute our roots

with misused taboos.

But as I conclude

I’ll disabuse you of this confused milieu

that assumes drug abuse

and violence is used as a muse.

You act like you would refuse

to steal those boots

even if you grew up without shoes.

Instead of poisoning crimes fruits,

let’s unthaw frozen voices of criminals

crying for the minimal of what’s livable.

Instead of practicing oppression

let’s live in liberation.

So we can’t limit the liberator

who says freedom is living in the Spirit

spiritually and physically.

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