Church ! Proclaim the death and resurrection that profanes death.  The incarnate infiltrated the land of the dead to liberate life.  Three days later the Christ returned risen and his rise will never end.  He has prevailed against the gates of Hell leaving that conquest as a conqueror.  There’s no longer need to conjure up potions or rituals to outlast death.  For our sponsor has taken out the last amount of power death had on us.  We no more need to look towards a “one day” for our king to come bring us life since his kingdom is here now and overflowing with life everlasting.  Like Thomas some won’t believe unless they see, but blessed are those who believe before they see.  The news of his reign, rains down a range of arranged pleasures and joys for those who give him the reins of their life.  So join in and rejoice and celebrate at the sound of his joyous voice that causes men to feast because of this middle Eastern man on Easter. Let all of heaven notice the praises of his people with gazes gleeful to see his gracious phases of eliminating evil while entering earth into eternity.  And the content of his new covenant contains phrases calling us to come into this new coveted convent where we can be with him in his high place and also make our hearts his hiding place.  His throne room has thrown in room for our savior to switch sinners to saints once we’ve seen the splendor of his splendid mercy seat.

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