Right Now

Entering eternity isn’t an exiting of the temporal for it exists not only in the future but is featured in the present.  We look forward for the after life but don’t have to wait until after death to have life.  Death encroaches my “right now” like roaches, infesting my propensity for investing in living corpses killed by sorrows that are unrelenting.  But, by all means I mean to buy y’alls means and I mean more than material things for my currency is more than just the color green but is seen when I spend time and energy in every way giving love and grace in mercy to those in need.  And it’s not hard to see how the seed of racism sprouted into disadvantages for minorities.  Now, some may say I’m acting brand new but their people never knew the nuisance of a noose.  So how you gonna know the nuance of personal responsibility when you’re ancestors are personally responsible for debilitating generations of descendants.  Their penchant toward evil made discrimination pleasant and unworthy of penance, but this has left the present remnant with an inherited pension of rented dignity and a permanent definition as a menace.  I’ve vented for the chance to chant that a black man in a hoodie is seen as a hero rather than as a negro Nero.

The conversations covering privilege are covered in covertly covetous claims to claim power as we babel about positions in the tower.  Good thing Christ towers over it all to bring power to all. His love floods like a tidal wave as ours puddle like a micro wave because we radiate hate like a microwave as we muddle in our moral mud. And as our defense we love to say only God can judge.  But by the way you hate his love his judgement will make you grovel on the gravel under the gravity of his gavel.  His truth commends them who condemn evil but won’t condone those who dispose people.  Paradoxically, I write these spirit filled lyrics as I fly after the spirit of Satan’s manure maneuvers like a fly.  It brings Satan humor to see me contemplate how can I possibly speak such prophecy and philosophy with honesty when honestly I’m the prodigy of hypocrisy and find comradery with it’s progeny. But thank God his goodness is always beneficial and will always benefit you because for eternity he’s been official.

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