Keep Faith

I want answers.  After I gander at this world’s current chapter, I notice it’s our manner to treat candor as though it doesn’t matter, because silly banter is the banner for quality conversation.  God, why is folly and hatred the master and commander of our world ?? They’ve set this standard to slander a pastor, but to pamper a pander. Why don’t you tamper with those hearts that cause hazard ?? Why does it seem like laughter to suggest your lantern can be seen through any darkness ?? You’re supposed to be everywhere but I can hardly see you anywhere.  I thought your presence brought sustainable satisfaction, because all I see is suffering smothering anyone trying to do any real mothering.  Then you have the audacity to say sufferance should occur without the utterance of complaint because we should trust your capacity to get us out of any calamity, but I actually never see your faithfulness in action.  Because the fantasy that you have a family that valiantly pursues people is clearly a fallacy.  Explain how some law enforcement have used force meant to enforce men to follow the law, as a force to enforce their own force, and feel no force from the law.  I thought you were the king of justice ?? Yet you let injustices encompass our corrupted legal system, so now it’s custom to have numbness to that sort of substance.  Don’t you define human dignity ?? Because I’m disgusted by the common destructive discussion men have about women as though none should be honored like a duchess but treated as a luscious object to be ditched after you’ve busted.  I’m waiting for you to intervene and restore women’s abducted dignity by our shamefully adjusted compass, but it appears you stand watching as they get chewed by society’s cuspids.  I’m tired of seeing sex and alcohol as all people call to when wanting fulfilment.  Aren’t you supposed to be our shepard, so we shall not want ?? But it seems as though your never enough to fulfill people’s wants.  To add to this prosody, it’s the policy of modern science and philosophy to say there’s probably something wrong with my psychology to think Jesus really is your progeny and not just some human prodigy, because honestly trusting your prophecy with honesty is intellectual idolatry with no sincere ideology of finding truth.  Even against all these objections, I can’t object to my obsession to declare you reign over all these oppressions.  I can’t even explain the expression you get from the impression of his presence that removes all transgression during honest and complete confession.  And when I feel the compression of doubt that squeezes me to give out concessions, it’s been the succession of experiencing your essence that’s kept me from secession and allowed me to keep those doubts in suppression and your truth as not only a suggestion, but the section of selection I use as my connection to finding the precious truth to tough questions as I pursue your perfection.  And after meeting you, the source of love, there’s no question my every intention should be to give you my undivided attention and affection because you’ve shown to be who you say you are, and that will never leave my retention.

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