Content of Contentment

“Never be satisfied, always strive for more, stay supplied with a hunger who’s appetite will never die.  If you’ve ever settled, it’s meant you set up a settlement in a setting several levels below what’s meant for you.”  I’ve personally bore consequences uglier than a boar because I got bored with progress and settled with an unpolished process.  So, I’m all for improvement and approve of assuming settling is proven to only end in ruin.  However, I think in our quest to become the best, we forget to rest and remember to be content.  The feeling you get from all your improvements can never contend with the joy of learning how to be content.  If we can consent to stop viewing life as a contest, I think that will give us context to connect with the feeling of contentment.  I’m not bashing on desires to improve, but am desiring people learn to approve of their current situation.  Being content doesn’t mean you don’t want to do more, but it means you don’t need more.  You’re perfectly ok with everything because you understand and focus on the joy that comes from the things you do have and not on potential joy from the things you don’t have.  But instead, many focus on the negatives and put all their insecurities in securities hoping to earn money that will cover all their impurities and leave them feeling secure.  It’s a shame seeing people chasing after the compliments you get from the money you’ve made, rather than chasing after the hunny who’s the perfect complement for the way you’ve been made, because companionship is sweeter than honey.  But when the youth lines up to hear lines lined in lies about how more is always better, they’re never given an apt description on how to be appreciative.  So it’s no wonder anxiety runs rampant, because the understanding of gratitude in our society is almost absent.  I’m pleading that people’s perspectives will change because of this persecution of the prostitution of our joy to gain status.  Wanting more isn’t inherently bad, but the irony is in order to get more joy, you need to be content with never having more.  And I promise that the peace, comfort, and satisfaction that comes from being content, produces streets encumbered by attraction to joy.

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