Feeling the Feelings

​It’s safe to say that safety has safely been a safe keep in America.  But lately, many voices have voiced how stately the shakiness of safety is.  Millions of Americans are beginning to refuse to view America as a refuge, yet refugees flee in terror and tear air to be in the red white and blue.  The immense margin of people that marches with charges of being marginalized as alien martians seems to darken the glow of America.  Because if your skin is darkened, you’ve been hardened to think America was started to keep you from stardom and you can’t imagine yourself being regarded as equal to white people because they are the ones guarding the gardens of success from anyone with the burden of not being white.  Also if you’re LGBTQ, it’s hard to feel safe and loved in a country where you feel everyone hates you.  And if women haven’t felt disrespected before, many fear they will feel the pain of being neglected.  Because in the wake of this election, it seems the nation’s elect have elected to use the election to bring in a President who electrified these fears.  And I realize there’s many who can use facts to refute the fueling of feelings, but the fact is these feelings are here and real, and facts don’t factor in easing feelings.  We should focus on showing bonus doses of grace to the broken by keeping a focal point on understanding the hostess that hosts this feeling of a hopeless status as the lowest.  Only after we’ve chosen to have a ferocious motive to find understanding and show compassion, will we be able to pose pros of meaningful conversation from the opposing sides.

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