My Target Audience

Let’s say someone were to read everything in here I’ve written, I would want them to see I’m spittin’ to the part of people they like to keep hidden.  This part tells men that hittin’ on every girl isn’t fitting too living a life that’s filling.  It tells women that strife is really all you […]

Major Decisions

Declaring a major is a major decision when I’m trying to go to the majors and be professional danger to the comfortable life I want to put in danger. We are endangered of humans willing to rebel like a teenager, because the vast remainder remains in the safe container with their manger, since society has […]

Following My Path

We only have about eighty years before our bodies become achy, and at that point you don’t want a heart that aches and breaks because you constantly put the brakes on following your fate, where you would’ve accomplish something great.  But you were afraid that it would be hard, and that you could get a […]

My Spiritual Situation

I’ve recently seen a light that’s illuminated that this isn’t a light matter, and that I should not be alight on thinking my spiritual life is alright, becausebarely any part is all right.  All I write right now, will highlight my eyesight on Jesus, despite my downright sin appetite, and if I can be forthright, […]

My Work 

I work to master my craft every time I craft together crafty lines that are homemade unlike Kraft, because home is where the heart is and my heart constantly casts out a cast of vast truth to crash into and break our informal caste system and put it into a cast. That’s why I’ve amassed […]

A Peek Inside My Insecurities

It can be embarrassing to admit where you’re insecure and feel isolated and insular.  So we become petitioners of keeping people outside of a particular perimeter because we’re practitioners of not letting others see the true signature of our soul.  Since we’re afraid we’ll be the singular person with these flaws that won’t be similar to […]

The Struggle Between Faith and Evidence

God, why is my heart so skeptical?  Why do I fight everyday against being a receptacle for you to give me your exceptional love and grace that makes you the spectacle that’s beyond special?  I’m often way to cynical and it’s sometimes hard for me to too find it acceptable that you can’t be explained […]