My Work 

I work to master my craft every time I craft together crafty lines that are homemade unlike Kraft, because home is where the heart is and my heart constantly casts out a cast of vast truth to crash into and break our informal caste system and put it into a cast. That’s why I’ve amassed such a massive amount of time for my mass of writings, so they can smash the masts of all the ignorance sailing about in the abashed past of those who’ve passed by you each day. If I want any of my writings to last, I must be the last person up writing while everyone else is gassed, because hard work works harder than anyone else’s work. Those of you who work hard, understand the one quirk starred in all the GOATs, is how they would bombard their lives with things they regard as postcards towards their final destination and discard anything that’s marred or barred their development. And if I want to be the kind of bard who leaves issues in the world charred and gives a charge for people to charge at that barge in their life that carries all their large and dishonorable acts that seem unconquerable, then I need my pieces to be more than ponderable, but pieces that come with a source of force that will force people to deeply challenge and change their life course. And of course my writings need to be written with the most precise precision, where every word that is printed is a necessary piston apart of this system, which aides a vision that’s driven to dig in and stricken those sickened by the things they keep hidden and haven’t felt what it feels like to be forgiven.

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