Land of the free home of the brave isn’t how we always see America behave. There’s many ways we can wave our finger at the waves of America’s wrongdoings that we can’t just simply waive. Like how we crave to keep poor ppl in their ghetto caves until that’s their grave, because we care to save our money more than saving someone who’s a slave to poverty. Many people feel it’s a mockery to say our government isn’t a monarchy because majority of the time they commit acts of monstrosity, that range from the highway robbery we see in tuition and the high taxes on our net property. To the atrocity of their use of authority as they improperly usurp our rights. We deserve to be disturbed at the way we dessert being healthy with all our excess desserts, while many people’s plate are barren like a desert. And I won’t divert away from being able to assert how selfish and entitled America is when compared to the rest of the earth. I can’t end until I insert a blurt about our system of education, which needs some explanation about why we haven’t done some exploration away from standardize testing which is far past expiration. We need someone to explicitly exploit the expectation that “all people learn the same”, as exponentially incorrect. But I’m gonna do something you probably didn’t expect and give an explication on why I still have an emanation of excitation for living in this exciting nation. The thing that excites me is our eyesight on freedom, and many will say you’re dumb if you think we’re free. But compared to history and much of the world, our liberty ability is a mystery in the way we can use our verbal artillery with the delivery of protests that throw negativity directly at the white house for actions within the vicinity of stupidity. I know we have people on opposite sides when it comes to considering what should be a human right, but at least I’m right in saying our country cares enough about rights to write into our constitution that we are right to fight for our rights. Let’s be real, America isn’t perfect when it comes to justice and liberty, but at least we have the opportunity to through up a ruckus when we feel the government disgusts us. People don’t understand how lustrous and luscious opportunity is here. Even if the American dream is only real in an American’s dream and it doesn’t seem everyone has a chance to scheme for esteem, you should see the common theme is your opportunities are extremely better here than in most communities. America doesn’t have immunities to flaws, but our culture has this credulity for freedom which usually is a euphony and given eulogy, but exclusively in America we see ingenuity of scrutiny of a situation that many would live with, without desire of mutiny.

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