The Struggle Between Faith and Evidence

God, why is my heart so skeptical?  Why do I fight everyday against being a receptacle for you to give me your exceptional love and grace that makes you the spectacle that’s beyond special?  I’m often way to cynical and it’s sometimes hard for me to too find it acceptable that you can’t be explained by anything optical or chemical.  That’s why I’m here trying to write something lyrical to explain that I know you’re the definition of ethical and that without out you I’m not whole like a decimal, but I constantly divide myself into two sides. Where one will abide in faith and decide to confide in you and all you’ve supplied and applied to this knot we’ve tied, but then I also find myself hide behind the worldly intellectual guides who claim they have facts that have denied your existence.  So I say I need you to provide more proof before I can stand beside the claim that you brought a flood tide that covered the earth worldwide, and that you’ve died on a cross and resurrected so you can live inside each and every person that chooses too be you’re bride. Being a devout Christian, it’s tough having these two mindsets coincide, and the only way I can douse out the fire of doubt and put that side of me in a drought, while simultaneously causing the other part too sprout a spout that will constantly shout for Jesus, I will need clout from God to make me content with the content this world can show that will consent with the fact that it’s good to be in constant intellectual pursuit of the God that no one can contend.  But also that I don’t need circumvent people to believe in God because the biggest complement of God, is that with true faith you get too be apart of his covenant that won’t leave you condemned.

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