My Best Answer

Honestly, I don’t feel like I have the quality of being qualified to speak on all the inequalities amidst the inner city crisis that disqualifies so many qualified people from living quality lives, but i feel like commonly, people want to blame a faulty government policy or a poor economy that leads to involvement in gang autonomy.  However, what I’m seeing as the real atrocity is the oddity that people don’t see life as an odyssey and don’t the see that the motivation to live shouldn’t be for a commodity.  It should be for generosity without animosity so we can improve the local, global, and future psychology. Let me just be straight forward wit the problem G that’s concerning me, which is apart of my philosophy about the sociology of this factory that produces so many young black people to be a product of their environment.  And the facilities faculty consists of those who facilitate this system with facilities that systematically use their utilities too instill hostilities and a sense of hopelessness that people don’t have any amenities and so they treat everyone like enemies and engage in activities where they use their gun’s abilities to make people into liabilities with disabilities.  We desperately need too disable this thought process that’s so fatal to the black label, and I understand that when it’s hard to keep a stable job, then you got to do whatever you can to put food on the table, but it hurts me that too many people believe the fable that you can’t make it out of the unstable life of the hood.  So they fall into the staple of selling drugs, but if someone could just enable inner city kids with the motivation to search for God, they’ll see that even though they can’t live prefect like an angel, when they trust in Jesus they’re able to be successful the right way because the Lord is the only satiable thing that will give the black culture and communities the strength they will need to be capable of making this sensational change.  We know the government’s occasional economic help will never be sustainable to live a comfortable life.  The real change needs to much more inspirational and inspire people from inside out, and a change will never be acquired unless it’s a communal effort to make sure their descendants aren’t living tired decadent lives as defendants.  I know there are a lot obstacles that a lot of inner city black people see as making it implausible for them to have a possible chance at living a responsible life where selling drugs is optional, but a
deterrent won’t ever deter someone who’s truly determined.  Please get this calm hint that I’m bout to comment with calmness, which is that the common practice of living for commas will commit you to burn up like a comet.  The only thesis I have that can handle all these problems, doesn’t include being atheist, just a theist, or deist but it requires the faith and belief in the existence of the biblical Jesus.

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