Start Thinking People

I’ve been thinking about how much people are rarely thinking.  I think we’re bringing in a style of upbringing that puts up with not bringing your curiosity from the beginning.  We are linking knowledge with clinging to memorization, and convincing young people to not be questioning what they learn in order to determine if they agree themselves for sure, because it’s been determined that the education system is always current and certain. This isn’t a sermon slamming education, but I’m just yearning to show people how they’re hurting when they act like robots, and have bought into believing something just because it’s been taught in class and haven’t thought about if it makes sense or not.  My contempt isn’t meant to show contentment deserves contempt, but when being content meant you haven’t spent time discerning whether all the information will consent, then my intent is to never relent in trying to present 100 percent of my lament over the event of your intellectual descent.  This happens much to frequent as we augment this “non curiousness” scent and if we don’t start to use critical judgement, I’m afraid of the whirlwind we’ll be whirled in when the intellectual world winds picks up and the world wins because no one thought for themselves from within.  So I’m just trying to add a lesson that we need to stop acting so adolescent and believing every message we hear from older people in our school session, and start  an incessant independent assessment of everything we hear, whether or not it sounds pleasant to our own ideological segment.
This requires having a life notebook, where you note books that look bad or good, but remember there’s no book you should let off the hook when interrogating it for being a viable life guidebook.  Sometimes I feel like people see their professors and textbook
as foolproof, but that’s only proof you’re a fool because only a fool’s proof is aloof in their own intelligent pursuit, and absolute in another’s truth.

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