Where’s the Justice?

What can I say that hasn’t already been said ?? What can I write that hasn’t already been read ?? The tragedies that have caused so much death is alive and well, and yet we thought racism was dead. Honestly, I didn’t want to tread into this, but the debt from all the lost lives is about to bankrupt all the reserves in our asset as a united nation. You can’t deny that their is some offset in the way police treat different races, but the outlet of violence against police doesn’t offset their wrongdoings, it just adds another set of corrupt mindsets trying to speak evil into someone’s mind set. And if your head is set on defending police till the sunsets, I urge you to put on a headset and listen to all the data that’s showing the discrimination, because everyone can see the silhouette of racism that’s behind the curtain of all these killings.  I’m not saying I’m certain that every police officer was a racist, because in some cases we only have the basics, and that basis would be baseless.  Yet we base this thought off the races of faces involved in these spaces and we forget how spacious grace is and become beyond abrasive when speaking about each patient.  And the placement of that statement is to remind us of the placement an officer places themselves in while in these dangerous places.  So yeah, it’s easy to dismiss this and say that under no circumstance could you kill innocence but this misunderstanding of reality is why proper reaction sometimes is amiss, because amidst a blitz of chaos it gets tricky to make rational judgements in splits of seconds as your instincts insist you submit to fight or flight. As you commit, you convince yourself that action before thought is the best way to make sure you continue to exist, and only after the fact do you reminisce on all the details you seemed to miss. If you can’t admit that in high pressure situations it’s easy to have panic eclipse your judgements, then you’ve probably never felt the grips of a situation equipped with death, because when the chips are down, your brain strips you of everything besides survival tips.  Before I end this transcript, I must say I’m still transfixed on the judicial system for the way they treat police officers, as if in they were conscripted in Baltimore and Ferguson to fight some war against hostile foreigners.  So there’s been no ocular consequence to all the black killings we monitor on all our monitors and that’s what I find to the most unpopular.  As a black commoner, I feel there’s no sincere deterrent to prevent a policemen from being able to commandeer my life and make me disappear, and this appears to be the premier engineer of all the anger, because each time we premiere an officer not going to trial after killing a black person, it makes our justice look unclear.  Yet, it’s crystal clear to me that if you kill someone the least you should do is go on trial, so we can try all ways to compile the evident facts and evidence to be presented while keeping the full story intact, then we can reconcile whether the officer was right or wrong, just panicked or used a revile racist profile.

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