Gospel in a Poem

I’ve heard Lecrae and Trip Lee rap the good news and it’s inspired me to show how I would choose to display my strong stood views, that the gospel isn’t a topic of gossip started from some wanna be apostle, but it’s origins predates the fossils.  Our awesome God loved us from the genesis of the world’s novel, and the novel idea that He’s loved us while we were awfully unlawful is why we should see him as thoughtful and not a God that enjoys to throttle.  We need to be honest about how a brothel isn’t even close to the hostile evil a human holds because sin has cut a hole in our soul and it’s crazy the things ppl will do to feel whole and don’t wait till you’re old to see good ole Jesus is the one that fits that mold.  So with that told, I need to introduce the concept that humanity has found hard to conceptualize which has left us with these misconceptions and lies.  Which say we can save ourselves if we do enough good to earn God’s favor, but tasting the flavor of God’s favor only comes when you savor over who he sent as a savior, and you don’t waver over signing that waiver that waves your rights to life over to Jesus while simultaneously saying your behavior has been that of a traitor who was a hater of his neighbor while the whole time the Lord waited on you like a waiter, for you to put in your order that you don’t want to order your life anymore because you want to be under his order.  Only then do you feel immersed in his immense mercy that no longer makes heaven feel heavy, but releases you from your hefty envy and fleshly petty.  Because his grace shows that even though we are plenty messy with sin, he sent his son to die as a synonym for our punishment by sending them himself as a human to free them from the grim prison we were locked within.  That sentence explains that Jesus freed us from being sentenced to an eternally lonely sentence, and common sense sends words that say, “if I can freely escape something that we couldn’t pay our way out of with all our common cents, it only makes sense that I should accept that free gift.”  Hence, that’s why I’ll never be on the fence about receiving Jesus’s defense, and I will always be his fanatical fan, because I’m a fanatic for the fantastic God whose love is beyond fantastical.

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