Make Disciples of All the Nations

How you gonna make disciples of all the nations if your relations with ppl are vacant ??  Instead of being in the world but not of it, you separated yourself from the rugged boys and girls that covet.  And your dozen of holy huddle Christians can’t stomach this sudden summon of an expensive sinful budget that puts the buttons on these puppets that sin controls toward their plummet in Hell’s bucket, and I submit that living holy on the Lord’s summit is the goal.  When you some it up though,  there will be many in the valley and in trouble when God’s musket shoots Jesus to earth at the horn of the trumpet.  That’s the reason I’m causing such a ruckus, because on that day we want the only rumpus to be the devil experiencing God’s justice.  So our lives need to be a compass pointing to the gospel, so everyone has words pass their tonsils that profess Jesus’s apostles were correct in describing him as the one who embodies the word Awesome, so no one will fall like autumn.  This is the reason you need friendships to blossom.  Stop acting like a possum from the boredom Christians often feel when engaging in the world’s gossip, because don’t let it be forgotten that those of the world are very interested in the world, where things aren’t very solid and seem like Sodom and that’s a solemn statement that states a common problem.  But when you love from your heart’s bottom, you will be interested in those worldly things that give promise of giving you knowledge of those you want to polish, but this needs to be done in wisdom so you don’t become fallen to live lawless and not pursing being flawless.  It’s important to understand that even the smallest attempt, as long as it’s honest, to understand the thing people are a passion about can demolish barriers that generally would abolish any chance to give them solace.  Taking interest in their interest helps make a connection that has a collection of trust and approval that proves to allow further affection and ability to go below their outward complexion and into the midsection of their imperfection where you see each section of their soul’s numerous dimension.  If you’re a reflection of their openness, and have kept the relation free of deception with attention focused on the intention of the injection of Jesus’s grace, then I promise the mention of how God makes your life obsession one that’s a profession of feeling and seeing his expression of love, will be something they take as a worthy objection.  Remember, this happens best when you dive into the desires of others lives to show them you truly care about what they care about, because someone will listen to you when you make them feel cared about.

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