Man and woman coming together and becoming one flesh, represents how Christ relates to the church.  What a profound mystery me and my spouse to be pledge to emulate and emanate.  I hear people talk about how your ex change after you exchange them for an upgrade.  But imagine having someone you would change for, so you won’t be their ex.  And before I can be for this marriage I will adore, being a godly husband is the first thing I must be for.  Knowing what that is can be a little confusing, because many think there’s a little God in everyone, but what I see is everyone acts like they’re a little god, convinced they know how to do life better than God.  So, as I look to follow him who mediates with man, I’m immediately confronted with media’s medium meditations on life that mute morals and push them below the median.  No wonder our human morale is remedial.  The deviance of our married men is to be obedient to expedience.  We value pleasurable experience over caring for our women.  We’ve groomed our grooms to be cowardly leaders who cower from leadership and see it as their doom.  The fumes of their love can only be seen in the bedroom because they’ve forgotten how to be into their mate and intimate when they’re not inside their mate.  They are intimidated and uninterested in the uninterrupted hurt they initiate by showing no interest in their spouse.  If they would allow their convictions to incriminate themselves, they would have to investigate feelings and miss what’s on TV.  I pray not to imitate these inadequate imitations of a manly husband.  Unfortunately, I fear I’ll fall short of the illustration that illustrates how to be a husband that fiercely protects and cheerfully respects his wife, one that sacrificially serves and is constantly captivated by her bewildering beauty and brilliance, one that carefully cares for all her cares while leading in love that makes her always feel loved.  The saying of “happy wife happy life”, will never be valued and understood until we men learn to love our wives like ourselves as we should.

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