Frustrations With Christians

Lately I’ve found myself way to bitter, because too often I bicker with people over things that are more useless than kitty litter.  And I’m about to go on a rant and sub-tweet like I’m on Twitter, because too frequently I’m seeing Christians love liquor more than God, who’s bigger than anything on earth that’s significant. […]

Reading the Bible

It’s crazy how many Christians have never read the bible.  That’s why so many people’s faith remain idle and fall into worshiping an idol as if we are tribal, because they don’t realize that an idol is just anything you put above God. Unfortunately, the world is caught in this exact cycle, causing the Christian […]

We Need Men

The definition of a man is something both men and women need to understand. With 7 billion people you get about 7 billion different answers that are feeble and many are worth fecal and keep your mind immature like fetal. Needless to say, many feel like a man needs to be the point like a […]

This is a Woman

I’m just gonna be transparent and not cushion any of my ideas about what it means to be a real woman.  We need to cut down the wooden idol society has made that has us acting like woodmen because we make females feel like their self-worth comes from their bosom. Many seem to believe this […]

How is this still a thing?

A mandatory minimum is an allegory for a system that’s a synonym for a predatory curriculum whose category of statutory discipline doesn’t truly aim to give justice to an unlawful citizen.  I agree that sin among the innocent needs to be at a low limit, but like cinnamon in the eyes, it burns watching this […]

Wake Up Call

Do you know what it means to feel alone ?? To be a loner with a loan taken out on being disowned ?? So at home, you hone the knife you use to atone for the helpless tone of the moan and groans your soul has thrown at the throne of companionship, which has grown […]

Don’t be Deceieved 

You are valuable, and I’m able to see your value from any angle. People have become blind with insanity, because no one lives in sanity, where you see the sanctity of a soul. We don’t see the depravity in our audacity to have a mentality that treats humanity as vanity, since we don’t understand the […]


Land of the free home of the brave isn’t how we always see America behave. There’s many ways we can wave our finger at the waves of America’s wrongdoings that we can’t just simply waive. Like how we crave to keep poor ppl in their ghetto caves until that’s their grave, because we care to […]

Where’s the Justice?

What can I say that hasn’t already been said ?? What can I write that hasn’t already been read ?? The tragedies that have caused so much death is alive and well, and yet we thought racism was dead. Honestly, I didn’t want to tread into this, but the debt from all the lost lives […]

Start Thinking People

I’ve been thinking about how much people are rarely thinking.  I think we’re bringing in a style of upbringing that puts up with not bringing your curiosity from the beginning.  We are linking knowledge with clinging to memorization, and convincing young people to not be questioning what they learn in order to determine if they agree […]