Who are you when no one’s looking? Are you looking the way you look when you know people are looking? Or are you constantly looking to make sure no one’s really looking to see the true way you look? Becuase when I look around I see a lack of intensity directed towards integrity, so infidelity […]

An assessment of culture

We watch people give money a high place and treat it like it’s the means and the ends.  When really it’s just the means to the ends, and I mean this needs to end.  Because the end of seeing money as meaning, means the end of meaningless pursuits of money, ending with lives with no […]

Proper Treatment

The male gender has been on a bender and forgot how to treat women and all their splendor.  We send her tender words that render us tenure but then don’t censor our tenor temper that center our words to dismember this life member.  We were meant to be a mentor and defender that would defend […]

Mental Health

What can I share about mental health?  I’ve never felt the tremble of thinking the temple between my temples needs help.  Mental health isn’t a tensile my pencil can assemble with creative words.  Honestly, I’m resentful with the way I’ve tried to make it resemble some of my less desirable emotions.  Because mental health is […]

Keep Faith

I want answers.  After I gander at this world’s current chapter, I notice it’s our manner to treat candor as though it doesn’t matter, because silly banter is the banner for quality conversation.  God, why is folly and hatred the master and commander of our world ?? They’ve set this standard to slander a pastor, […]


​Half of wedding vows end up being promises made with crossed fingers.  I figure it’s because many linger in loving someone for what they do, and not more so, for who they are.  So, we are left with a mirage of marriage where half the world facilitates this facade that romance remains to reign until […]

You Hypocrite

​The horrendous hypocrisies from holy men have horrified humans and heaven for hundreds of years.  These hypocrites claim to hold the hue of grace, but withhold and hide helping hands, holding the homeless helpless.  I see no hint of hesitation in hailing that their hands hold the whole of truth, yet their lives are haunted […]