White Man’s Religion

Is Christianity white? Does it only provide light for those light skins whose privilege protects them from the problems of persecution? Is the complexity of complexion too complex, or can dark folk receive this light to brighten their darkness, without having to forsake their darkness?  Christians declare their doctrines cure the ills that puts the soul in a coffin, but black memory hasn’t forgotten how this toxin was central to the concoction that bound us to cotton.  The religious used this religion to demand black’s submission, by fabricating our inerrant fabric into the fiction that it was inherent for black’s to inherit a humanity that didn’t merit God’s full image.  It makes sense why black’s grimace at Christianity and see it as a gimmick only for those with timid limits that limit them to stoop to stupendous stupidity to mimic the religion that reeked horrific havoc on our ancestry.  Only a fool prays praise to a God whose phrases were used to enslave them and validate iniquity that pays out to our current inequality and inequity.   But I think a deeper inquiry will show that the injury really was founded in man, and not Christ’s imagery.  We see the mystery of the ministry of the trinity revealed centuries before the slave master’s affinity with bigotry, and so calling Christianity a white man’s religion doesn’t show symmetry with the bible’s history and liturgy being founded in middle eastern ethnicity.  And as legitimate and reasonable as the psychological and moral artillery aimed at a religion that merrily ordained slavery is, those are just auxiliary and periphery to the logic that therefore the bible can’t claim victory.  But it’s not mere sophistry to claim the misery of America’s history can’t hide the most hideous of the white man’s kind of religion.  However, it’s still Christ who’s to be the foundation of mankind’s religion.  Not the Christ with straight hair, blue eyes and fair skin.  But instead the one who’s fair to all skin, who had colored blood as his kin and trusted his message to pupils who had dark pupils. And I understand the existentialists that exist from being cut off from our culture roots, which has blacks exiting the church and following routes to African heritage.  But it’s a mirage to think a marriage to the ancient African queen will give you merit with the King of kings, because when his kingdom comes, all other kings don’t come.

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