It’s humorous how humble humanism uses Christian ammunition to hold humans as holy, while Humeans and the like heap humility on the Holy one they hoard from.  This humanitarian spirit spears the Spirit to peer into His heart, then claims its soul it as its own to its peers.  I’m glad people purport that imperfect persons have worth and purpose, but the pang of their pain is that this era’s efforts error in vain when they don’t trace back to Christ’s veins.  The way we glorify the name of humanity’s faint fame is well-intentioned but shamefully feint.  Humanism revels in the glory and beauty bestowed upon image bearers, yet can barely bare to honor the image originator.  It portrays the portraits as magnificent while modeling the model as insignificant.  I do like this emphatic emphasis on human dignity and value, but humanism’s value comes from stealing from the riches of God’s words.  But it can’t be sustained if it’s not grounded in Christ’s works.

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