Proper Treatment

The male gender has been on a bender and forgot how to treat women and all their splendor.  We send her tender words that render us tenure but then don’t censor our tenor temper that center our words to dismember this life member.  We were meant to be a mentor and defender that would defend her.  We’ve traded in that duty to become a common pretender who promises chronic calmness and a sonnet full of solid solace, but only provides pompous profits full of lawless deeds and empty of any honest homage to this flawless goddess.  I’m absolutely astonished by how men use the atomic weapon of sex to demolish women.  We lace our words in venom to weaken her, and know just what to say to get deep in her, and then leave only to deepen her demons of insecurity and loneliness, making her feel like the loneliest, since no man has loved her for her personality alone.  And the phoniness of our lowliness is erroneous to manliness.  This pains me to pen this, but there only remains a few strains of women that strain men to treat women as they’re intended.  There’s so few men who take care of ladies, so we’ve forgotten how to document it.  He would come complete with constant compliments complemented with a pursuit of you that has augmented his acute desire for not just a cute girl like you, but for you specifically.  Men need to be the first to be vulnerable and open themselves to rejection, we need to make the uncomfortable decision to put women’s comfort above our own, we need to take care of them by actually taking action and doing things for them.  Lastly, we must be a fountain of love that continuously contains words and deeds that capture our love for our woman.  A man who consistently strives to care for a woman despite all her inconsistencies, is a man who knows how to treat a woman.

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