Free will and autonomy are in synonymy with the homily of freedom.  We chain ourselves to an anomalous version of freedom and cry out an atrocity when this freedom is impeded.  Indeed, the antecedent to freedom owes us an apology for it’s apostasy of defining what it means to be free.  We cling to concepts of undeterred execution of actions as evidence for being free.  But it brings our conscience to disturbed elocutions from Passion’s evident control of us.  The way we pay homage to self determination has left us a hostage in bondage to our wants and desires.  It’s in the name of this promised freedom that we abolish all restraints and allow desire to demolish our decision to restrain ourselves from its collage of demands which are common to leave us in despair.  And this fusion with futile feuds only fuels this feudal system of control where our desires decide our decisions, despite how we despise the way they devise our demise.  What sort of freedom denies what it describes to prescribe, and instead provides slavery in disguise?  Maybe our current definition defies what defines freedom divinely designed.  So I just want to take a moment of silence because more men are silent to object to the death they’re shackled to when they follow the freedom of desire.  Truly I tell you, true freedom is seen when your passions yield to be put under your heel because the Spirit wields the power over your heart.  And once you are beside him and say there’s no one else beside him or besides him, that’s when you’ll experience freedom, a freedom that puts passions behind your control allowing you to be truly alive.

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