God, Can you Hear Me Now?

I scream and shout But you teem with clout And cloud my loud dreams team me with your stout house. Unanswered anger manifests festering distress upset with your process. Regret rejects your rest protests your professed blessed intellect. Inspect grotesque events that express the effect of bereft prayers that expect you to forget I’m oppressed […]

This an Audible

Pull up with they bangas out, taking the gangsta route, leave your brain hanging out, we find this entertaining now. I’m interchanging vows with vowels integrating how we’re raising towns of generations proud of their painted crown on gun’s reigning sound. Bullets raining down now mama’s staining gowns with tears retaining frowns. This tainting is […]

Play That Back

Uh yeah, said I don’t need you, said I would leave you. surrounded by evil, found out it don’t treat me equal, pray to sky looking like prey, can I trust an eagle? Shouldn’t see you as legal, freedom can feel lethal. Feeling feeble kneeling in a fetal, needles filling me with fecal. Do you […]

Still Pissed

It’s appearant I need to be transparent wearing a sleeve with a heart so weary. Wish I breathed as adherent to your inherent inerrant being. Instead i got errands airing how you make me grive. Do I merit fleeing When you inherit leaving Want a warrant tears in torrent abhorrent horror hoarding my torture cherishing […]

Check Me Out

Livin in persuasion of inspiration, fighting invitation from my cravin’. She might be nice wit the spice but aint tastin like wife’s Cajun. They sayin I’m caged in gaging occasions to chasten chasin temptation. Y’all hatin’ my haven that hasten to heaven raisin’ revolt like Haitians. But the patrons of hatred make us patients pay […]

Lyrical Excercise

I pair paronomasia with piety to paralyze paranoia and petrified insomnia. Yeah, a pair of lies lie in disguise to diss guys who try to rhyme for Christ. But we rise to ride or die for those who fight cries at night. Call me corny but I’m going from glory to glory. You just add […]

Anther Rap Critique

Rap music is turning into a monstrosity, with all it’s atrocities and animosity toward any human’s homily.  The ferocity in it’s velocity is meant to never add value but to cut down curiosity.  They’re afraid of the value added by rhymes that preach generosity and shape minds like geometry for people to not settle for […]

Rap needs this Rapper

My knee jerk reaction to turn up music, is that we need someone to knead out the worthless dough that claims doe plays the life bread role for a life’s roll, and says if your bankroll isn’t big enough to roll in, then your life’s not full.  But why doesn’t anyone pull against that ?? […]