Anther Rap Critique

Rap music is turning into a monstrosity, with all it’s atrocities and animosity toward any human’s homily.  The ferocity in it’s velocity is meant to never add value but to cut down curiosity.  They’re afraid of the value added by rhymes that preach generosity and shape minds like geometry for people to not settle for […]

Rap needs this Rapper

My knee jerk reaction to turn up music, is that we need someone to knead out the worthless dough that claims doe plays the life bread role for a life’s roll, and says if your bankroll isn’t big enough to roll in, then your life’s not full.  But why doesn’t anyone pull against that ?? […]

And You Think You’re the Best Rapper

I’ve heard way too many claim to be the best rapper breathing, since they think they’re spitting like they’re teething and breathing fire on tracks while they got heat on them that will make you stop breathing.  And they’ve used it so many times they don’t hesitate a breath as they watch you take your […]