Still Pissed

It’s appearant I need to be transparent
wearing a sleeve with a heart so weary.
Wish I breathed as adherent
to your inherent inerrant being.
Instead i got errands
airing how you make me grive.
Do I merit fleeing
When you inherit leaving
Want a warrant
tears in torrent
abhorrent horror
hoarding my torture
cherishing a caring God
who’s gone without warning
as I war in my ward
in prison warden.
Don’t feel cornered in your corner
cosmic heavyweight champ,
I’m throwing heavy hands
burdened with sorrows
handing my sorry so
I can handle tomorrows.
Should I borrow
another’s name
to proclaim my pain?
prayers under embargo,
soul changing to gangrene
with changes to gain green
my angels now graze greed
as agents to save seeds
aging Satans ancient pleas
Please rearrange my raging
thought you ranged what my gaze need
Frankly, I want you to know I’m angry
with the anger of a gangster.
Can you hang with the fire of my fierce fury
Dire to mire your theory in weary
weird of me to desire something so dreary
Yet its steering me
since I felt the eerie feeling
of your vacancy
transcending all understanding.
Any man can see
the blatancy
of your latency
Seems to be
lazy symbolism
rather than divine wisdom.
I’m driven to lyricism
by criticism with cynicism.
the heroism of altruism
was heroin all too mystic
listed me a victim
of your twisted system.
feeling too distant with this dictum
visited by visions of schism
physics given then hidden.
Sifting in civics
risen in your kingdom’s rhythm.
The humor is you want humans
to cry hallelujah
even when you knew ya
played Judas to loosen our union.
Looming abuse your using
I’m losing my unit.
Moving as mutant
a movement of music
proven to ruin.
Still a student and stupid
fueled this fusion
fooling in hatred’s fluid
they had a crew man of crewman
trading in negros and cumin.
Live in a closed casket
at my captives cabin
with classic captions
disclosing my captains absence.
Bring me a chaplain
I know I’m cappin.
this what you bargained for
when you departed
to bargained so ardent
against death for my pardon.
Pardon this part
of my hardened heart
a Harlem that harkens
you to hear the harvest of my darkness.

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