This an Audible

Pull up with they bangas out,
taking the gangsta route,
leave your brain hanging out,
we find this entertaining now.
I’m interchanging vows
with vowels
integrating how
we’re raising towns
of generations proud
of their painted crown
on gun’s reigning sound.
Bullets raining down
now mama’s staining gowns
with tears retaining frowns.
This tainting
is painting phrasing
with sediments
making the specimen of sedatives
a riddle akin
getting rid of kin.
Riddled in Ritalin ridden of innocence,
militant discipline’s insulin for indolent,
minimum stimulant for citizen is vigilance,
envisionin visitin from dissonant dissidents,
visit in increments to implement insolence,
impotent’s immanence imminent and immense.
Laid pretense in cement.
Can’t prevent what commence.
Incense of intense intents
torment with lament.
Forget to inspect
what the fence defends
before it’s ripped to shreds.
Regrets won’t relent
suspense won’t repent.
Dispense of systems
not knowing the effects extent.
Consume it’s benefits
but claim it’s desolate.
Condensed consent
to extend and condemn,
don’t know the expense
for no plan when it ends.
Hope you not feeling the sorest
my words beyond a thesaurus
soaring through sources
with a diction that varies
like a dignitary for the dictionary,
ditchin this scary dysentery,
commissioning a commentary
like a missionary married to weary.
Beware the wolves
who be werewolves,
wearing wool
to be where they can feed on sheep to be full.
They stem tactics on semantics,
send antics active with dogmatics,
planted panic
that words are infinitely elastic.
Just an emphatic advantage
that makes manic a mantis
preying on the status
that meaning of words is romantic.
Talks are caught more in determining terms
than serving concerns.
When words lose meaning,
talk about the world loses meaning.
A ploy that destroys
the power words deploy.
With my lisp
spit lists of hits,
slipped to split our wrists
from the ice creamed in our dreams,
bananas for clips and colored bandanas,
grab a hamma
and I’ll let this sit and eat a banana split.
Still out to convict convicts
that conviction frees the convicted.
Hope my bars bar some from bars,
regenerates hearts behind bars.

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