A thought on ‘Freeing the Nipple’

Clothing attire causes much area for confusion and disagreement and even judgement.  Especially when talking about women’s clothing attire.  Especially when talking about women’s clothing attire and the sexual implications.  I’ve recently heard of a movement called “Free the Nipple”.  The issue is women want to be able to walk around shirtless and show their […]

What Prevents Someone from Heaven?

How do I get to heaven?  That is one of the most common and controversial questions.  As important as an answer to that question is, my attention is elsewhere.  My attention is on what lurks behind that question.  I’ve been fascinated with the assumption that we don’t get to heaven as we are right now.  […]

Still Pissed

I scream and shout but you teem with clout that clouds my loud dreams and teams me with your stout house. Unanswered anger manifests into festering distress upset with your process.  Regret rejects your confessed rest and protests your professed blessed intellect.  Inspect these grotesque events that express the effect of bereft prayers that expect you to forget I’m oppressed and […]