Identify From Above or Below

Have you identified the obscenity of identifying your identity with ideologies that are synonyms for idolatry.  They degrade dignity to hominid from that of human, which is to be eminent of divinity.  But our prominent thinkers are dominant with humanism that is over confident in human competence. I’ve got cognizant consonants coming with divine consonance skeptical of complementing humanity as a spectacle.
Humans are spectacularly special.  Yet it’s impeccable how impregnable our minds our to pride as we consummate our lives with the secular side. With human reason in power, it empowers it’s empire and devours our willpower when it deflowers our spirits by manpower powered by the worst of the mayflower.  Like cowards we flounder in the powder of our crumbling intellect that neglects the Son’s flowering that’s sun to a flower growing seeds into beautiful sunflowers.
Men mistake making man a masterpiece devoid of transcendence as a masterful trend towards transcending the menace of madness. They only maintain our misery by cutting out the source of Life’s maintenance. In paranoid hopes to avoid the toil and turmoil of wrestling with God, our spoiled and annoyed philosopher’s philosophies aim to leave us as humanoids in a random void.
They polarize God and reason more than polaroids, with emphasis on how the two are nemesis from Freud’s premises that psychologically God is eminence of psychosis.  I know this, that I notice the locus of their gnosis is focused on the hypnosis of hopeless human motives that scorn Moses and his locusts.

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