Morality Without Transcendence

Morality is so instrumental and pervasive in humanity, it’s possibly one of the only things that holds us all together.  There are differing opinions about what’s right and what’s wrong, a spectrum of ideas on what’s good and what’s bad.  And even when there’s agreeance on those things, coming to a consensus on the correct […]


It’s humorous how humble humanism uses Christian ammunition to hold humans as holy, while Humeans and the like heap humility on the Holy one they hoard from.  This humanitarian spirit spears the Spirit to peer into His heart, then claims its soul it as its own to its peers.  I’m glad people purport that imperfect […]

White Man’s Religion

Is Christianity white? Does it only provide light for those light skins whose privilege protects them from the problems of persecution? Is the complexity of complexion too complex, or can dark folk receive this light to brighten their darkness, without having to forsake their darkness?  Christians declare their doctrines cure the ills that puts the […]

God and His People

I want to propose that God treats “His people” different than He treats other people.  Before I get into it, I need to set the scene and do a little work to show where I’m coming from.  I think one of the most common mistakes people make with God is incorrectly assigning Him obligatory acts.  […]

Living it out

Comfortably coming up in the suburbs where a suburban was standard and not superb, my life has been stubborn to suffering.  I shutter and stutter at the noise of any slight nuisance, forgetting there are those alive who still remember the nuance needed to avoid the noose.  I spew this spoilage of love from my […]


Free will and autonomy are in synonymy with the homily of freedom.  We chain ourselves to an anomalous version of freedom and cry out an atrocity when this freedom is impeded.  Indeed, the antecedent to freedom owes us an apology for it’s apostasy of defining what it means to be free.  We cling to concepts […]


I wish sincerity could be physically seen and felt in these letters, instead of just inferred.  I wish my feelings could be tangible so you could touch the teeth of my cannibal emotions instead of listening to palatal words describing something beyond palpable.  I feel like a convict imprisoned by God’s will and conscripted to […]