Understanding the Law

The law God has revealed to us can be mysterious in many ways.  It can be difficult to accept, to uphold, to understand, to follow, to realize it’s purpose.  It commonly lacks proper explanation in how it pertains to the bible, God, people, Jesus, and Christianity.  Before we can understand the depth and breadth the […]

All Talk, No Walk

I wish sincerity could be physically seen and felt in these words, instead of just inferred.  I wish my feelings could be tangible so you could touch the teeth of my cannibal emotions instead of only listening to palatal words describing something beyond palpable.  I feel like a convict imprisoned by God’s will and conscripted […]

Opaqueness of the Old Testament

I can’t think of any written work that is shrouded in more mystery and confusion than the Old Testament.  That has received more contempt and criticism.  That has been more vigorously studied for the sole purpose of refutation and mockery of its content and concepts.  A written work that scholars scoff at as being immutably […]


Man and woman coming together and becoming one flesh, represents how Christ relates to the church.  What a profound mystery me and my spouse to be pledge to emulate and emanate.  I hear people talk about how your ex change after you exchange them for an upgrade.  But imagine having someone you would change for, […]

A god Among gods? Or the God?

God.  Is He from fiction, or from reality?  Is He for the intellectually curious, or the gullible?  Did He make man, or did man make Him?  Is it His uniqueness that has kept Him relevant, or is it that somehow He’s still relevant, which is His only unique quality?  Is Yahweh just an ancient myth, […]

A Past to Remember

Our memories maintain the minutes of emotions that make us who we are at this moment.  As I look back at my past, I contain a component of condolence while combing through my history of controlling indulgence.  But, for all the heart breaks and mistakes I’ve chosen, happiness and joy plague my mind leaving the […]

An assessment of culture

We watch people give money a high place and treat it like it’s the means and the ends.  When really it’s just the means to the ends, and I mean this needs to end.  Because the end of seeing money as meaning, means the end of meaningless pursuits of money, ending with lives with no […]