How do you see sin?

The doctrine of sin seems like it should be straightforward and easily understood.  However, the more you begin to look and try to pin down exactly what sin is, why exactly something is a sin at all, it becomes a little tricky and we see the elusiveness of sin.  It becomes even more important to […]

Day in, Day out

I want to change the world.  Not just my immediate surroundings, but the whole globe is the goal.  And it’s not for personal glory to gloat, but to bring glory to The GOAT.  This desire has colonized my thoughts and become the designer that designates my daily decisions and is what I use to decipher […]

You Belong

Everybody longs to belong, and you’ll be longing too long for belonging if your logging bonding hours talking about belongings.  When to many conversations are revolving around materials of matter, and not the materials that matter, there’s no evolving of the relationship.  The lack of involving someone in your inner thoughts prevents the involvement of […]

Relativism and its Regrets

I will start off by admitting to my biases.  As a Christian, I have a biased nature to think that there is something as objective truth, meaning there are ideas and concepts and beliefs and moral systems and philosophic systems that are just wrong and incorrect, regardless of whether everyone believes them or doesn’t believe […]


Who are you when no one’s looking? Are you looking the way you look when you know people are looking? Or are you constantly looking to make sure no one’s really looking to see the true way you look? Becuase when I look around I see a lack of intensity directed towards integrity, so infidelity […]


Can you control yourself ?? Or has that virtue been collecting dust on the bookshelf ?? I’m talking about self-control during the moments you want to lose control.  Those moments when your anger lights someone’s heart on fire like charcoal, and only a diligent council can counsel and console that soul’s console to being whole […]