Political Approaches

Drugs are corroding the culture as vultures incorporate into drug corporations that profit off the dispossessed  attempt to cope by doping.  The young homies watch mama’s addiction afflict the family and put everyone at risk.  So we see sons trapping on the corner cause mom’s two jobs aren’t enough to warn off the coroner.  But then you see mama crying and coughing pleading with the coffin to free her son from his life incarceration in death’s prison.  We know no one makes it out of life alive but the hood caps you off at twenty five.  And let’s not pretend the death of young black men isn’t the child of their daddy being locked up while they were only a child. You may think I’m being grim, but the reaper wreaks havoc through societal sin.

So how do we respond to the despondence of the destitute? With social programs programmed to act as Prozac as they pollute poverty with revenue as though economic fortitude will fortify the impoverished against the culture ingrained in the pain of deprivation.  Or we complain that the taxes to fund these efforts don’t let us afford the ability to pursue personal endeavors to give to the endangered, yet you use your money to avoid all people and places of danger.

We need to start looking for more personal approaches over these disengaged and distant impersonal notions.  Ones where the haves begin to live in the community with the have nots.  You may call me unrealistic but that’s because real change defies reality and demands we really place more value on people than realty. Where we promote an appropriate purpose of appropriating the gospel to dignify those hostage to poverty and signify that comfort is hostile to kingdom coming community.

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