Nozick and Rawls on Justice

Robert Nozick takes up disagreements with Rawls theory specifically with the difference principle and his original position.  He criticizes the difference principle for being an end-state principle and how influenced it is to mitigate this notion of morally arbitrary facts, specifically the morally arbitrariness of natural assets and what social class you’re born into.  He […]

Steal-Manning Voluntary Euthanasia

When it comes to voluntary euthanasia, there are a lot of arguments in favor of showing that it can be morally permissible.  One of the chief arguments is from an appeal to self-determination.  I don’t think this appeal to self-determination, or what some people call autonomy, should convince us that voluntary euthanasia is moral.  Self-determination […]

Vessey, Garvey, and King

Religion has been the motivation for civic engagement among black people for their entire existence in America.  It hasn’t been the only motivation, and Christianity hasn’t been the only religion to bring influence, but it is clear that Christianity has played a central role in motivating black people to stand up against oppression.  The interesting […]

Is Belief Aimed at Truth?

The dispute between Clifford and James is largely on what grounds do we have to believe something and what is the function of belief.  Clifford takes the hard stance and says that reason alone should justify our beliefs.  Clifford sees belief as being intimately connected to representing the truth of reality.  Therefore, it’s important to […]

God’s Mission has a Church

God’s church doesn’t have a mission, rather God’s mission has a church.  I can’t underestimate the potency this change of perspective has had on my understanding of God’s mission on earth and my place in it.  It has deepened and enriched my understanding of God’s fundamentally missional nature.  It has also challenged some of my […]

Africa’s impact on Christianity

History has a way of reflecting the interests and assumptions of those who write it.  All the great things we love and cherish had to originate somewhere, and coincidentally we trace their origins to our own ancestors.  To combat the narrative in the West that Christianity was founded primarily around Rome by white Greeks, Oden […]

Jeremy Taylor Against Roman Catholicism

The Church of England throughout history has produced thinkers and practices that have impacted the global church.  As Anglicanism began to emerge and take shape during and after the Reformation, Jeremy Taylor was an important leader who helped form and justify Anglican theology and practice.  Taylor used his skills and influence to take aim at […]