The Event of the Cross

Growing up a Christian in America, my understanding of the cross and effects of it is filtered primarily through a penal substitutionary lens.  Essentially, this view holds that on the cross, Christ stood in as a “substitute” for us and received the punishment for our “penalty” of sin.  We as humans our imperfect and sin, […]

You are Good

Nine to five for the rest of my life until I die. God, you are good. I fight to find joy in these monotonous Mondays that repeat themselves with the repetition of monstrous perdition.   So with my exhausted conscious I fail to be cautious of the constant petition of mental infidelity which files in infidels who […]

How Science Works

Science is such a beautiful thing.  It has been the mode of discovering so many deep and mysterious truths about existence.  It has given us so much understanding about how the world works and functions.  It has been used to bring about inventions, medicine, advancements, and just general truths about the physical world.  The success […]

Morality Without Transcendence

Morality is so instrumental and pervasive in humanity, it’s possibly one of the only things that holds us all together.  There are differing opinions about what’s right and what’s wrong, a spectrum of ideas on what’s good and what’s bad.  And even when there’s agreeance on those things, coming to a consensus on the correct […]

God and His People

I want to propose that God treats “His people” different than He treats other people.  Before I get into it, I need to set the scene and do a little work to show where I’m coming from.  I think one of the most common mistakes people make with God is incorrectly assigning Him obligatory acts.  […]


Are you saved?  Have you ever had anyone ask you that question?  Outside the Christian community, I think this concept of being “saved” sometimes can be difficult to understand what it really means.  Even within the Christian community I think this term and concept is misunderstood.  Like most things in life, there are multiple ways […]